Leslie Moquin

The moment before dawn or just after dusk, when the green ray irradiates the horizon and catches the boat and her crew in its glow.

Not yet night

Portrait of Leslie Moquin

The photographic work of Leslie Moquin mixes documentary and poetic approaches in a careful ambiguity. The author Fanny Taillandier has described her images: they “show the concrete and imaginary layers that form our reality, mysterious and joyfully traversed by our desires”. Leslie Moquin’s work has been exhibited in France and abroad: at the Rencontres d’Arles, at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, in Shanghai (Bazaar Compatible Program, Bank Gallery) and at agnès b.

Leslie Moquin

Aboard Tara, I went in search of the Green Ray: a physical phenomenon sometimes considered chimerical or even mystical. It appears as a green flash radiating across the horizon in the first seconds of sunrise or the last moments of sunset. The fierce flash didn’t show itself when I boarded, or at least didn’t let itself be seen. But, more than capturing it, above all it was the pursuit and the process that I documented.

Taking the color green as the focus of this residency project, I also produced a series of algaetypes while on board: photographic contact prints, obtained using a photosensitive emulsion made of pigments extracted from algae –here spirulina, as well as experiments with sargassum.

Then there’s what happened spontaneously: the details of daily life on board that I photographed, meetings with the crew, both scientific and marine, which nourished my research with many stories and contextualization, recorded sounds, the intriguing microbiomes…

Images, prints, videos, interviews and writings constitute a body of work to accomplish the project “Not yet the night” where it will be a question of illusions and reality, of a breaking point, of horizon and ecology.

Leslie moquin avec son appareil photo sur Tara
© François Aurat

Discover some of Leslie’s work inspired by life aboard Tara

Composition de Leslie Moquin, coucher de soleil
Hunting the green ray, Fort-de-France / Macapa, August – September 2021 – © Leslie Moquin
Anthotype par Leslie Moquin
Red-footed Booby, August 21, 2021 – © Leslie Moquin

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