Multi-format resources

  • Numerous multidisciplinary resources that meet the needs of your programmes.

  • Participatory educational and science operations designed to involve your students in environmental problems via a common theme.

  • Educational files to assist with learning more about the climate, marine biodiversity and plastic pollution

  • Conferences and discussions with our researchers enabling your students to ask them questions in real time.

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Tara supports you

Adaptable training methods

Choose from our three basic packages, depending on whether you are an individual or an organiser. For more information and to register for our programmes:


One-hour live online workshop to learn more about our resources

Independent learning

A seven-hour online independent training course on the M@gistere platform on the construction of a sustainable development education project.

Face-to-face training

The foundation offers its services free of charge in the context of educational days or training action plans, planned jointly with regional education inspectors.