The Tara expeditions in pictures

Since its creation, the Tara Ocean Foundation has been co-producing documentaries that transmit knowledge and dreams, in order to reveal to a wider public what the crew members and researchers find on their scientific adventure or in their encounters.


Tara, the new exploration

The ocean is an essential player in the overall balance of the planet. However, this is a little known fact because of its enormous size and the technical difficulty of ocean observation. Thanks to the new knowledge that Tara has acquired during its scientific missions, we will soon be able to better predict and anticipate the evolution of the ocean in the face of climate disruptions and pollution. There is still a world of knowledge to be conquered.

Tara Arctic, a unique expedition over the roof of the world

For her first big mission in 2006, Tara was voluntarily imprisoned in the pack ice for 507 days.

La goélette tara emprisonnée dans la banquise lors de la mission Tara Arctic.
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TARA Méditerranée Science and sharing

Research and awareness raising around environmental issues linked to plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tara Microplastics – To the sources of plastic pollution

The schooner Tara has been tracing the sources of this pollution since 2019 to assess the impact of microplastics from land to sea.

Présentation de microplastiques dans des boîtes de Pétri.
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Tara Pacific – A new approach to the biodiversity of coral reefs

A dive into the heart of the coral, cradle of marine biodiversity.

Deux chercheurs de la mission Tara Pacific analysent le corail en plongée sous-marine.
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Art & Science, the thrill of discovery

We welcome artists in residence during our missions

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