Assessment & challenges

To carry the voice of the ocean together

In 2015, during the COP21 in Paris, actors from civil society spoke with one voice on the climate challenges around the ocean to call out to decision makers but also to the public and the media. Thanks to that mobilisation, the ocean was included in the Paris Agreement: a great victory for evveryone!

To continue to carry the voice of the ocean further and louder, the Tara Ocean Foundation is partnering with other actors as a founder member or partner of French and international groups on climate, biodiversity and plastic pollution.

  • 90 members in the Ocean & Climate Platform
  • 57 local initiatives supported by the BeMed organisation
  • 14 BeMed action areas on the Mediterranean region
  • 39 member countries of the Because The Ocean initiative
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Our actions

3 networks to support 3 key challenges

To maintain the link between the Ocean, Climate and Biodiversity, combat plastic pollution in the Mediterranean and get the commitment of governments. To achieve these objectives, the Tara Ocean Foundation is a member of three groups to amplify common messages, to bring together the actors most competent to act and, above all, to encourage a uniting momentum for ocean conservation.

To take into account all the ocean-climate-biodiversity challenges: the Ocean & Climate Platform

Founder member of the Ocean & Climate Platform

The Ocean and Climate Platform (OCP) was created by a group of civil society actors, including the Tara Ocean Foundation, on World Ocean Day in June 2014. Today, it brings together more than 90 members, including research institutes, non-governmental organisations, higher education establishments, aquariums, representatives from the private sector and French and international institutions. The OCP promotes reflection and discussion between the scientific community, civil society and political decision makers. It works to encourage greater consideration of ocean-climate-biodiversity challenges by public and political decision makers at a national and international level. Romain Troublé, director of the Tara Ocean Foundation, has been the president of the platform since November 2017.

Ocean & Climate Platform

Combating plastic with Mediterranean actors: the Beyond Plastic Med organisation (BeMed)

Founder member of the Beyond Plastic Med organisation (BeMed)

Beyond Plastic Med (BeMed) is an organisation founded by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Tara Ocean Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe, the MAVA Foundation and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). BeMed’s objective is to develop and coordinate a network of local actors committed to combating plastic pollution in order to promote the sharing of experience and knowledge and strengthen the effectiveness of action in the Mediterranean. With BeMed, the Tara Ocean Foundation is supporting the will to generate solutions to the problems specific to the Mediterranean with a fair and manageable outcome for the relationship between its northern and southern shores.

Beyond Plastic Med

13 October 2019
Collaborative production

Including the ocean in states’ climate change strategies: the Because the Ocean initiative

Founder member of the Because The Ocean initiative

The Because the Ocean initiative was launched by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Tara Ocean Foundation and the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations in 2015 in the Tara stand on the eve of the opening of COP21. Because the Ocean brings together a coalition of states led by the Principality of Monaco and Chile, amongst others, who raise the challenges of the ocean during climate negotiations. Today, 39 countries have joined the initiative. Since then, Because the Ocean has been supporting states to have the ocean included in the climate debate, in particular in their national strategies.

Because the Ocean
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Our international actions

What action do we take to find global solutions?

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Cooperation & Development

With whom do we share our commitment to the ocean?