The Foundation

The Tara Ocean Foundation, an officially recognized public interest group, aims to advance knowledge about the Ocean and raise awareness of its vital importance among the general public, young people and decision-makers. We are working every day to protect the Ocean and marine biodiversity to guarantee the habitability of planet Earth.

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  • 1 seat as observer at the United Nations
  • 34 employees at sea and on land to coordinate our missions and operations
  • 4 million € annual budget allotted for our expeditions, scientific research, educational outreach, raising awareness, and advocacy

The Team

All aboard the Tara Ocean Foundation!

The Foundation team is made up of women and men on land at the headquarters in Paris and elsewhere in France, and at sea aboard the schooner Tara.

Our team

Equipe Tara

Land team

22 people passionate about the Ocean

David, un marin sur tara en pleine manœuvre.

Team at Sea

12 sailors (women & men)