Residency in progress

Lara Tabet

Regnum Marine: A possible Atlas of the invisible species along the way

Lara Tabet : artiste en résidence sur Tara

Lara Tabet is a medical biologist and visual artist. Her work at the intersection of photography, biology and the environment is rooted in research and experimentation. She is particularly interested in the interaction between the photographic material and the biological element while questioning the porous boundaries between digital grammar and its argentic counterpoint. She uses old photographic techniques as well as new technologies of imagery and synthetic biology to explore this impulse to classify the living and the tension between the bio-political and the bio-poetic.

Lara Tabet

I would like to use the photographic technique of salt printing to create an atlas that catalogues the marine life forms encountered along our path.”            

Discover some of his work inspired by life aboard Tara:

Residence in progress

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