Video – Coral bleaching

Frank the Coral lived quietly on the Great Barrier Reef for 400 years. Over the past century, Frank noticed that the ocean was gradually getting warmer. Then in 2016, the water temperature rose  suddenly, making it particularly dangerous for him. How will this ancient inhabitant of the seabed withstand climate change?

Discover the nature of coral and the dangers it confronts due to global warming with this 6-minute video animation. Conceived by Tullio Rossi, PhD in marine biology and expert in scientific communication at Coral Garden.

Coral Bleaching Explained:

The Story of Frank the Coral

Along with the projection of a short video, the Tara Expeditions Foundation offers ready-to-go educational activities to do with students, 8 to 16 years old. The activities aim to enrich their knowledge of the ocean, especially coral, and explain the fragility of this ecosystem as it confronts the impacts of climate change. The video & proposed activities encourage an awareness of the role young people can play in addressing the climate change challenge.

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