TARA Méditerranée Science and sharing

From May to November 2014, the Tara Méditerranée expedition had a double objective: scientific research on microplastic pollution floating on the surface and the raising of awareness to the environmental challenges linked to the Mediterranean Sea. The Tara exploration schooner sailed 15,000 kilometres across the Mediterranean.


TARA Méditerranée 2014

A net filled with plastics, a nasty surprise off the coast of Bastia

Tara Méditerranée Expedition 2014

The major discoveries

Plastic of every shape, kind and condition in the Mediterranean

Plastics, real sponges for persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

Microplastics, inextricably linked to biodiversity

Microfibres, a little-known form of pollution

Passing through the Corinth Canal

By immersion

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