2009 - 2013

Tara Oceans – The ocean under the microscope

A revolutionary expedition
For four years, Tara sailed all the world's oceans on an unprecedented mission: the worldwide study of marine plankton. The ocean produces a percentage of the oxygen that we breathe and absorbs nearly 25% of the CO2 that we emit. This little-known, invisible form of biodiversity is a crucial marker of the state of health of our planet and its climate system.


Tara Oceans

Tara Oceans lifts the veil on a mysterious world, PLANKTON

Planktonic biodiversity

The major discoveries

As long as there is plankton

Viruses, masters of the oceans

Plankton under high surveillance, the importance of temperature

The social network of plankton revealed

Rhizaria, giants that have gone unnoticed until now

Tara in the storm

By immersion

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In search of plankton, from the equator to the poles

Knowing and understanding the ocean better