Tara’s Blue Book for the Pacific

Invitation for a scientific journey

Livre bleu Tara Pacific
© Fondation Tara Ocean

Produced with the support of the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the Blue Book tells the story and describes the goals of this unique expedition which—for two and a half years—criss-crossed the Pacific Ocean to collect  samples of coral, today threatened with extinction. Tara scientists studied the  Pacific coral reefs, met the populations depending on them, and learned about the conservation projects under way. The Tara Pacific expedition bears witness to ongoing degradation and the challenges of preservation.

Join us in this journey aboard Tara thanks to diverse stories recounting the ecological, scientific, cultural and human aspects of an extraordinary expedition. During the voyage, more than 100 scientists from various countries participated in the research aboard. At ports-of-call, around 12,000 school children and 20,000 visitors came aboard to learn about the schooner and her research on coral. Dive into this fascinating ecosystem, source of life, which contains 30% of the Ocean’s biodiversity, and understand why coral reefs are so important for the planet.

Photographie d'un banc de poisson
© Lauric Thilaut

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