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The invisible life of the ocean is essential to the future of humanity and for the planet. Marine micro-organisms contribute to the absorption of CO2 emitted by humans; they generate 50% of the oxygen produced each day on Earth; they constitute the base of the marine food chain, as a source of protein for many populations.

This scientific knowledge of the Ocean is possible thanks to your generosity. At the end of this year, you can support us and encourage research on the Ocean, to better preserve it.

Deux scientifiques échantillonnent à bord de Tara
Scientists © Noelie Pansiot
Partage de connaissances
Transmission © Marilou Bourdreux

The Tara Ocean Foundation, as a “foundation reconnue d’utilité publique” according to French law, is eligible for tax reductions. You can donate through de TransGivingEurope scheme.

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