Tara Arctic

Vincent Hilaire : artiste en résidence sur tara

Vincent Hilaire

Participating in maritime expeditions is like opening in situ the encyclopedia of life Vincent Hilaire accompanied the Tara Arctic, Tara Oceans and Tara Pacific expeditions as on-board correspondent, totalling almost two years aboard the schooner. “ Tara Arctic (the Arctic drift) is the greatest adventure I’ve ever experienced in my life. Just imagine: you fly

Aleksandra Mir : artiste en résidence sur tara

Aleksandra Mir

A voyage towards South Pole “I participated in Pierre Huyghes 2005 expedition to Antarctica on board Tara 5 as a friend. Pierre did not give me any role and I was not a formal collaborator on his project where he had also invited a film crew and worked towards his search for a white penguin.