Become an artist-in-residence aboard the schooner Tara

To encourage exploration and sharing, each of the schooner’s missions creates a meeting and exchange between sailors, scientists and artists. Via our expeditions, the Tara Ocean Foundation not only helps build scientific knowledge. The boat also supports creative endeavors by welcoming artists-in-residence aboard.

Daniel un artiste dessine la goélette tara
©Noëlie Pansiot

Science has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Aboard the  schooner, they observe and transcribe, according to their sensitivity and  imagination, the richness of the oceans, the research, and daily life in close  quarters. 

Calls for residency 

On each new mission, residencies aboard the schooner are an opportunity to  cultivate different perspectives, create new experiences and pursue  collaborations with artists. Initiated thanks to the commitment of agnès b. and  Etienne Bourgois, today thanks to the support of La Fab, more than 50 artists’ residencies have taken place on board the schooner since 2003.  

You are an artist and dream of embarking on Tara?  

There is currently no call for residencies. However, if you wish to present your  work and be notified when we launch a new call, please fill in the form below:

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