Noémie Sauve

Interweaving elements of observation and fantasy of a wild nature, between ideal and reality, she disrupts prevailing codes in a style that is both scientific, naturalistic and pop/urban to produce large drawn format drawings and sculptures.

Technique inspires me to sensitive design

Noémie Sauve : artiste en résidence sur tara

Born in Romans, France (26) in 1980. Lives and works in Paris. Artist and teacher at the TALM Le Mans School of Art and Design, and at the Ateliers Paul Flury in Montreuil. Noémie Sauve explores various media— sculpture, drawings, painting. Her figurative work, where territories and animal forms are recurring motifs, is centered on the issues of freedom, power and domination. Always located on investigation sites, she conducts frequent collaborations with scientists. In her works—which play on hypnotic and fascinating effects linked to fantasies we project onto the natural world—the artist explores renewed ways of restoring and translating the political issues of our relationships with other living beings.

Noémie Sauve

« My residency aboard Tara expanded my field of investigation (until then terrestrial) to the marine world, and enriched my global reflections on ecology, understood as ‘the effect of the whole on the whole’, a territory of infinite interdependencies ».

J’ai embarqué en Nouvelle-Zélande, avant de rejoindre l’Australie où j’ai assisté au colloque « la France et l’Australie « I embarked in New Zealand, before heading to Australia where I attended the conference ‘France and Australia at the bedside of coral reefs’. Then, exploring different islands, between the southern barrier reef and New Caledonia, enabled me to encounter various discussions about social and ecological issues that play a big role in the use of the landscape.

The artwork from this residency invented their own forms: drawings of “metal exoskeletons”, drawn structures that survive their support, but also ceramic and fluorescent crystal sculptures. They remind us that our senses are sometimes blind to the complexity of living things. Learning to recognize our limits questions our right to patent and select the living that gave birth to us ».

[Tara Pacific] Noémie Sauve: Drawing living things aboard Tara

Noémie Sauve

Discover some of Noémie’s creations inspired by life aboard Tara:

Œuvre Noémie Sauve : Radiolaires etc et symétries
«Tara, southern coral reef» Bic pen on graph-paper travel notebook, Tara Pacific residency, 28.5 cm x 14.5 cm, 2017  – @Noémie Sauve
“Water paralyzed by venom from cnidocytes. Reef trying to catch up with the dilation of the water for its symbiosis, slowed by ‘anti-skeletal’ acidification, spitting limestone from its mouth as it shoots out harpoons adorned with other cnidarians». Pencil and charcoal on Arches paper
Tara Pacific residency – 66 × 102 cm – 2018 – © Noémie Sauve
Œuvre Noémie Sauve : Dague de cristal en blanchissement de corail
“Fluorescent Clear Crystal Cosmos Coral Bleaching Crystal Dagger”, White crystal and fluorescent crystal, 2018 – 15.5 × 6.5 × 3.5 cm – Noémie Sauve.  Photo: ©Katrin Backes

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