Yann Bagot

See, know “In residence on the schooner Tara, I will produce series of drawings that will emerge from the encounter with the landscapes crossed and the scientific research on board. In the continuity of my artistic practice on the Brittany coast, my drawings will use the reactions of Chinese ink with seawater which will be

Irene Kopelman

A matter of scale At Tara I am working with the images generated by an instrument called Flow Cam—which process sea water samples into bidimensional images in the computer, thousands of images from a condense sample collected at sea. The immensity of the ocean into a tiny sample in which we can find thousands of

Christian Cailleaux : artiste en résidence sur Tara

Christian Cailleaux

A comic book written on the water. SURROUNDED BY WATER, I feel more alive! Driven by feelings somewhat esoteric and hard to sum up as being part of a mysterious whole of a great strength that can be equally hostile and incredibly gentle. Of course, this has a great influence on my drawings, especially given

Stéphanie Januskiewicz: artiste en résidence sur tara

Stéphanie Januskiewicz

A universe between imaginary drawings and real images. “After a trans-Atlantic crossing, I wanted to put my know-how at the service of the environment. Meeting Tara was a real revelation. I want to help make their mission better known through my illustrations and  photographs, so I proposed to design a book for children. The idea

Edson Macalini: artist-in-residence aboard Tara

Edson Macalini

Nauseous drawings in turbulent waters « This was my first time sailing. The Tara experience began even before embarkation and departure at sea. The educational action carried out in the port of Itajaí, Santa Catarina (Brazil) had the support of the Alliance Française of Florianópolis. We aimed to introduce visitors to scientific aspects of the

Emmanuel Régent : artiste en résidence sur tara

Emmanuel Régent

In black and white  Multidisciplinary artist Emmanuel Régent uses both classic techniques and cutting edge technological protocols. At the same time figurative, minimalist and  deliberately lacunar, his drawings are done with a black felt-tip pen. Their   movement and rendering evoke the crackling noise of digital pixels. The Nebula  paintings are made up of different

Elsa Guillaume : artiste en résidence sur tara

Elsa Guillaume

Travel diaries During her residency, she created a travel diary with daily sketches, notes and anecdotes which were later used to do her “Coral Cosmography” project. This is a large drawn map, inspired by ancient nautical charts known as « portulans ».   “It’s curiosity that motivates me to listen and read these stories, but also to travel

Aleksandra Mir : artiste en résidence sur tara

Aleksandra Mir

A voyage towards South Pole “I participated in Pierre Huyghes 2005 expedition to Antarctica on board Tara 5 as a friend. Pierre did not give me any role and I was not a formal collaborator on his project where he had also invited a film crew and worked towards his search for a white penguin.

Manon Lanjouère: artist-in-residence on Tara

Manon Lanjouère

Her artistic research is scientific and poetic Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad, notably at the Maison européenne de la photo-graphie (Paris); the Benaki Museum (Athens); HOSOO gallery during the Kyotography Festival (Kyoto); the Festival Photo Gacilly; la Fondazione Palazzo da Mosto pour Fotografia Europea (Italy). Her work also appears in private

Noémie Sauve : artiste en résidence sur tara

Noémie Sauve

Technique inspires me to sensitive design « My residency aboard Tara expanded my field of investigation (until then terrestrial) to the marine world, and enriched my global reflections on ecology, understood as ‘the effect of the whole on the whole’, a territory of infinite interdependencies ». J’ai embarqué en Nouvelle-Zélande, avant de rejoindre l’Australie où j’ai assisté