Music & sound

Enrique Ramírez

My time, your time, other times Project On April 6, 1922, in Paris, the physicist Albert Einstein and the philosopher Henri Bergson publicly debate the concept of time. The sea has no time, that is to say, we don’t see its time in the aging of the landscape, but in its depths and in what

Robertina Šebjanič

Echoes of the Abyss Toxic Legacies of Oceanic Ecologies “During my stay aboard the Tara, I plan to delve into a new thread in my art research practice by addressing the issue of discarded and abandoned weapons on the ocean seabed. This often overlooked issue is essential, as it addresses toxic pollution, making it a

Antoine Bertin: artist in residence on Tara

Antoine Bertin

The rhythm of the Moon in the spirit of a coccolithophore. His work has been presented at the Tate Britain (London, UK), the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR), the Serpentine Gallery (London, UK) and at the Kikk Festival (Namur, BE), STRP Festival (Eindhoven, NL) and CCCB (Barcelona, ​​ES). Since 2015, he has produced a quarterly