Documentaire tara planète océan

Planet Ocean

Synopsis Source of life, evolution of species, migration, predation— from the  exuberance of coral reefs to the mysteries of the abyss, Planet  Ocean first shows us the oceans’ secrets.Then everything changes.  Humankind appears and takes over Planet Ocean— inventing  fishing, conquering the seas, discovering oil and globalizing the  world. Nothing will ever be the same.The

Documentaire Océan, le mystère du plastique

Oceans: The Plastic Mystery

Synopsis About 8 million tonnes of plastic are released into the sea every year, making  plastic the biggest polluter of the world’s oceans and seas. Among recent concerns  of oceanographers, environmental specialists and microbiologists, this ever increasing pollution is accompanied by an incredible mystery — 99% of plastic  waste dumped into the ocean has disappeared!  

Habitation au milieu de l'Océan

Climate, people and the sea

Synopsis A nomad from the Sulu Sea, a Peruvian fisherman of giant squid,  an Arctic explorer, and Tara scientists navigating along the coast of  Greenland — all show us the Ocean’s role in the climate machine.  Danger looms! The proliferation of carbon dioxide is causing  seemingly irreversible mutations, but this realm covering two-thirds  of the

Photographie de coraux crinoïdes lors de la mission Tara Oceans

Tara, the Coral Odyssey

Synopsis This mission begins in Polynesia: from the Moorea reefs to Tuamotu atolls,  sailors and scientists meet the island populations directly affected by the  disappearance of coral.  Through this human and scientific adventure, Tara revives the spirit of  history’s great explorers seeking knowledge of the natural world.

Photographie de Tara Pacific à Wallis

Tara, The Archipelago of the Kings

Synopsis Join this scientific adventure and discover the unique  biodiversity of the Wallis and Futuna archipelago via this  new documentary, “Tara Pacific: Archipelgo of the Kings”.  After exploring the coral reefs of French Polynesia and the  South Pacific, Tara’s scientific crew accomplished an  unprecedented investigation of the relatively unknown flora  and fauna around this archipelago.