Oceans: The Plastic Mystery

99% of the plastic waste dumped into the sea has disappeared!

Oceans… The mystery of the missing plastic


  • Length : 52min
  • Year : 2016
  • Author & director: Vincent Perazio

Arte France, Via Découvertes Production. Co-Production: Tara Expeditions Foundation and CNRS Images. With support from the CNC and the Pays de la Loire Region.


About 8 million tonnes of plastic are released into the sea every year, making  plastic the biggest polluter of the world’s oceans and seas. Among recent concerns  of oceanographers, environmental specialists and microbiologists, this ever increasing pollution is accompanied by an incredible mystery — 99% of plastic  waste dumped into the ocean has disappeared!  

Along with researchers from all over the world, scientists on the Tara Mediterranean  expedition (dedicated to studying plastic pollution in 2014) were alarmed by a new  observation: countless fragments of plastic are disappearing from the ocean’s  surface. What then becomes of this untraceable waste? Where are the  accumulations of debris? These questions prompted the Tara Expeditions  Foundation to investigate the impact of plastic on the marine ecosystem, by co producing this new documentary.

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