Climate, people and the sea

Four witnesses who live in close contact with the world of the sea describe the intimate link between oceans and climate.

  • Length : 110min
  • Year : 2015
  • Author & director: Christophe COUSIN & Michaël PITIOT

Via Découvertes Films and the Tara Expeditions Foundation. With the participation of France Télévisions.


A nomad from the Sulu Sea, a Peruvian fisherman of giant squid,  an Arctic explorer, and Tara scientists navigating along the coast of  Greenland — all show us the Ocean’s role in the climate machine.  Danger looms! The proliferation of carbon dioxide is causing  seemingly irreversible mutations, but this realm covering two-thirds  of the planet is reacting. Could the Ocean — where life was born—  save us from a foretold disaster?

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