Tara, The Archipelago of the Kings

After a few weeks of sailing along the Tahitian coast, a new challenge awaits the crew and scientists of the schooner Tara, in the waters of Wallis-and-Futuna.

  • Length : 52min
  • Year : 2017
  • Received « Grand Reportage » Prize
  • Author & director: Pierre de Parscau

The cup of tea, and Tara Expeditions Foundation, with the participation of France Télévisions and the CNC. Narrator: Jacques Gamblin


Join this scientific adventure and discover the unique  biodiversity of the Wallis and Futuna archipelago via this  new documentary, “Tara Pacific: Archipelgo of the Kings”.  After exploring the coral reefs of French Polynesia and the  South Pacific, Tara’s scientific crew accomplished an  unprecedented investigation of the relatively unknown flora  and fauna around this archipelago. A striking encounter  between island communities and their newly discovered treasure.

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