Cécile Fouillade – Siqou

A sculptural and translucent world From surface poetry to depths After observing the fauna and flora of different polar lands in summer and winter, on the surface of open and frozen waters, today Sigou wishes to shift her focus to life beneath the surface.  She wants to highlight another world, discreet and vital—marine biodiversity, in

Irene Kopelman

A matter of scale At Tara I am working with the images generated by an instrument called Flow Cam—which process sea water samples into bidimensional images in the computer, thousands of images from a condense sample collected at sea. The immensity of the ocean into a tiny sample in which we can find thousands of

Nicolas Floc'h : artiste en résidence sur tara

Nicolas Floc’h

Artificial reefs & underwater landscapes At the crossroads of art and science, Nicolas Floc’h embarked aboard Tara between Tokyo and Keelung ((March 23 to April 28) to continue his reflection on the representation of habitats and the underwater environment. While aboard, he accompanied the scientists on all their dives and worked on his inventory of

Mara G Haseltine

At the crossroads of art, technology and social change. A passion for the natural sciences is evident in the work of Mara G.Haseltine.  She is inspired by the microscopic world and even her most abstract sculptures are  enlargements of microscopic and even submicroscopic forms. Whenever possible,  she merges her art practice with scientific experiments and

Elsa Guillaume : artiste en résidence sur tara

Elsa Guillaume

Travel diaries During her residency, she created a travel diary with daily sketches, notes and anecdotes which were later used to do her “Coral Cosmography” project. This is a large drawn map, inspired by ancient nautical charts known as « portulans ».   “It’s curiosity that motivates me to listen and read these stories, but also to travel

Manon Lanjouère: artist-in-residence on Tara

Manon Lanjouère

Her artistic research is scientific and poetic Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad, notably at the Maison européenne de la photo-graphie (Paris); the Benaki Museum (Athens); HOSOO gallery during the Kyotography Festival (Kyoto); the Festival Photo Gacilly; la Fondazione Palazzo da Mosto pour Fotografia Europea (Italy). Her work also appears in private

Noémie Sauve : artiste en résidence sur tara

Noémie Sauve

Technique inspires me to sensitive design « My residency aboard Tara expanded my field of investigation (until then terrestrial) to the marine world, and enriched my global reflections on ecology, understood as ‘the effect of the whole on the whole’, a territory of infinite interdependencies ». J’ai embarqué en Nouvelle-Zélande, avant de rejoindre l’Australie où j’ai assisté