Exploring to understand, sharing to change: The dual mission of the Tara Ocean Foundation, which has been bringing together scientists, sailors and artists from around the world for 20 years, committed to increasing our knowledge and protecting the Ocean.


20 years ago, on October 13, 2003, the adventure began with the acquisition of the schooner Tara. The Foundation was born from the vision of Agnès Troublé, known as agnès b., and her son, Étienne Bourgois: exploring the Ocean aboard the research vessel in order
to better understand and protect it.

For 20 years, 700 scientists from all over the world, 100 sailors, 50 artists and 30 on-board correspondents have sailed around the world aboard the floating laboratory to share scientific knowledge about the Ocean with the largest audience possible and create collective awareness.

At the age of 20, we are expanding our actions, with Tara and the future Tara Polar Station, because the next 2 decades will be crucial for the planet, the Ocean and the future of humanity.


20 years of discoveries at the service of science

  • 120,000 samples collected

  • 100,000 species of microalgae discovered

  • 200,000 marine viruses and retroviruses characterized

  • 500,000 species of bacteria defined

  • 150 million genes identified

20 years of discoveries at the service of science

20 years of sharing knowledge

  • 2 million people made aware of ocean-related issues

  • 1 million students learned more about the Ocean thanks to our educational tools

  • 100,000 children welcomed aboard Tara

  • 11 years of mobilization in favor of the adoption of the High Sea Treaty

  • Participation in the global treaty to end plastic pollution

  • 100 elected officials committed to the charter « Mon territoire s’engage : rivières et fleuves sans plastique, océan protégé »

20 years of sharing knowledge

20 years of impact

On the occasion of our 20-year anniversary,

the Foundation conducted an impact study.

This sudy showed that the scope of discoveries derived from our expeditions goes far beyond the scientific community, reaching policy makers, the general public and the world of education. Tara is a bridge between scientists and politicians to guide decision-making processes.” Etienne Bourgois


An agenda not to be missed

Coming soon: Release of a special issue “Tara, sentinelle de l’Océan” (Tara, Sentinel of the Ocean) created in celebration of the Foundation’s 20th anniversary in partnership with the weekly journal “Le 1 hebdo”, available in kiosks and in independent bookstores

Le 1 hebdo Tara


From October 20 to November 3: an exhibition entitled “Instantanés d’équipage” (crew snapshots) in the agnès b. premises located 15 rue Dieu, Paris X.

In November: Release of the graphic novel “Tara, à la découverte du microbiome marin (Paquet editions – translation: Tara, discovering the marine microbiome), dealing with an immersion aboard the schooner in West Africa.

November 25: Release of the book “Tara, histoire d’un engagement pour l’Océan” (Paulsen editions – translation: Tara, History of a commitment to the Ocean) that illustrates with pictures the 20 years of actions of the Tara Ocean Foundation.

Livre 20 ans Tara


From November 2 to December 15: the exhibition “20 ans d’engagement pour l’Océan” (20 years of commitment to the Ocean) at the Gare de Lyon in partnership with Gares & Connexions, in the train station courtyard and along the rue de Chalon, Paris XII.

“The next 20 years will be crucial for the future of the planet and humanity. The challenge of preserving the Ocean concerns us all. Only collective action will allow us to go faster and further.”

Romain Troublé, Executive Director of the Tara Ocean Foundation

A look back at

20 years of commitment

Tara: The human and scientific adventure in the service of the Ocean and our planet’s future.


Tara unveils the mysterious world of plankton

Collective mobilization

Every donation matters

To carry out our dual mission of “exploring & sharing” with the largest audience possible, as well as expand our actions, the Tara Ocean Foundation needs the support of all.

Our 7 expéditions majeures

2006 2008
Tara Arctic

Tara Arctic

A high-risk 18-month expedition drifting with the sea ice on the edge of the North Pole to see the effects of climate change.

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2009 2013
Tara Oceans

Tara Oceans

An expedition to the heart of the biodiversity of the planktonic world, with the Ocean under the microscope.

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2014 2014
Tara Mediterranean

Tara Mediterranean

Expedition dedicated to the scourge of plastic pollution, with the Mediterranean as our laboratory.

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2016 2018
Tara Pacific

Tara Pacific

To examine the biodiversity of coral reefs and their evolution in the face of climate change and the presence of man

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2019 2019
Tara Microplastics

Tara Microplastics

An expedition along 9 major European rivers to describe and understand the origins and flux of plastic waste.

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2020 2022

Microbiomes Mission

Unravel the mysteries of the first actor present in all facets of ocean biodiversity, its fundamental basis: the microbiome.

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2023 2024
Tara à Roscoff 2023

Tara Europa

Understanding the impact of human activities on the biodiversity of European coastal ecosystems!

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