Lara Tabet

Regnum Marine: A possible Atlas of the invisible species along the way “I would like to use the photographic technique of salt printing to create an atlas that catalogues the marine life forms encountered along our path.”             Discover some of his work inspired by life aboard Tara:

Giulia Grossmann

Zero to infinity Zero to infinity gives us access to the imperceptible part of the ocean, its matter, its composition, what is not visible to the human eye. The viewer is immersed in an undefined universe that disrupts our relationship to the visible and the invisible in these dizzying oceanic landscapes. Shot on the Atlantic

Guillaume Bounaud : artiste en résidence sur tara

Guillaume Bounaud

Self-taught photographer and video maker Self-taught, he learned photography with a Nikkormat, a Japanese reflex camera, at the age of 15. Also interested in movies, he directed his first 16mm short film at the age of 18. He has since directed other short films, several documentaries, making-of and music videos. However, photography remains his main

Katia Kameli : artiste en résidence sur tara

Katia Kameli

Hybrid cultures Katia will board Tara for the Algiers-Marseille crossing. Her position is that of hybridity, the “Third Space” which makes possible the emergence of other visions, directions and forms. This third space disrupts the stories that comprise it and puts them in a critical state. Therefore, it allows for rewriting and round trips between “History” and

Yoann Lelong : artiste en résidence sur tara

Yoann Lelong

Translate the infinitesimal into a totality “Lors de la résidence sur Tara des Embiez à Antibes, j’ai perçu la répétition des « During the residency aboard Tara, from Embiez to Antibes, I saw the repetition of the crew’s gestures as a gradual process aimed at translating the infinitesimal into a totality. Indeed, the days were punctuated

Lorraine Féline

Lorraine Féline

“During the shooting, between Cala Gonone (Sardinia) and Athens (Greece), I filmed every day the people who worked on board, on all three levels of the boat. Outside, on the deck, with the sea as a landscape. Inside, in the living areas, and one level below, in the engine room. Thus, I captured the gestures