Mission Microbiomes

Lara Tabet

Regnum Marine: A possible Atlas of the invisible species along the way “I would like to use the photographic technique of salt printing to create an atlas that catalogues the marine life forms encountered along our path.”             Discover some of her work inspired by life aboard Tara:

Portrait of Leslie Moquin

Leslie Moquin

Not yet night. Aboard Tara, I went in search of the Green Ray: a physical phenomenon sometimes considered chimerical or even mystical. It manifests as a green flash radiating across the horizon in the first seconds of sunrise or the last moments of sunset. The fierce flash did not show itself when I boarded, or

Irene Kopelman

A matter of scale At Tara I am working with the images generated by an instrument called Flow Cam—which process sea water samples into bidimensional images in the computer, thousands of images from a condense sample collected at sea. The immensity of the ocean into a tiny sample in which we can find thousands of

Giulia Grossmann

Zero to infinity Zero to infinity gives us access to the imperceptible part of the ocean, its matter, its composition, what is not visible to the human eye. The viewer is immersed in an undefined universe that disrupts our relationship to the visible and the invisible in these dizzying oceanic landscapes. Shot on the Atlantic

François Aurat

A sailor and artist “My best experience on board Tara remains the 6-month circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean (Tara Polar Circle) and the crossing of the Northwest and Northeast Passages with indescribable landscapes and a spectacular team.” François Aurat, deck officer aboard the schooner, fuels his passion for photography along Tara’s course across the ocean. His photographs reflect

Wilfried N’Sondé: artist-in-residence aboard Tara

Wilfried N’Sondé

Rich in discoveries, a novel in progress… Experience aboard Tara “My experience on the sailboat was very interesting. It’s above all a human adventure. You have to get used to life on a boat which requires a lot of energy and social resources. Being with scientists from morning to night, I had the opportunity and

Edson Macalini: artist-in-residence aboard Tara

Edson Macalini

Nauseous drawings in turbulent waters « This was my first time sailing. The Tara experience began even before embarkation and departure at sea. The educational action carried out in the port of Itajaí, Santa Catarina (Brazil) had the support of the Alliance Française of Florianópolis. We aimed to introduce visitors to scientific aspects of the

Antoine Bertin: artist in residence on Tara

Antoine Bertin

The rhythm of the Moon in the spirit of a coccolithophore. His work has been presented at the Tate Britain (London, UK), the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR), the Serpentine Gallery (London, UK) and at the Kikk Festival (Namur, BE), STRP Festival (Eindhoven, NL) and CCCB (Barcelona, ​​ES). Since 2015, he has produced a quarterly

Manon Lanjouère: artist-in-residence on Tara

Manon Lanjouère

Her artistic research is scientific and poetic Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad, notably at the Maison européenne de la photo-graphie (Paris); the Benaki Museum (Athens); HOSOO gallery during the Kyotography Festival (Kyoto); the Festival Photo Gacilly; la Fondazione Palazzo da Mosto pour Fotografia Europea (Italy). Her work also appears in private